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providing solutions to recruitment challenges wherever and whenever they occur.

We believe that the process of recruitment should be straightforward and pleasant for all concerned.

The importance of placing the right people in the right jobs is, in our view, crucial. We don't need to look far to see the calamitous effects that being in the wrong job can cause!

With the advance in technology the recruitment process can seem rather cold and somewhat inhuman, many software programmes exist that claim to be able to perfectly match skills to employers needs. On some occasions candidates are placed in jobs without ever meeting the consultants responsible.

There are always exceptions of course, but we ask, as a rule, can this be correct? Is it really possible to clearly match the needs of an employer with the aspirations of a candidate without ever meeting?

Does the advance in technology signal the end of personal human contact? Not at Bloomfield Associates. We work in harmony with the advances in technology but never forget the irreplaceable 'humanity factor'. We believe that through meeting our candidates and clients we are able to provide a better service, and they tend to agree!



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