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The difference between us and the rest

The idea of a 'unique selling point' can seem a bit unlikely. Many claim to have a 'USP' but when examined closely, we're not so very different.

However, not every recruiter is truly independent.

Many are bound by unrealistic targets, set by out of touch board members, striving to meet impossible returns for distant shareholders.

Or racing against time in order to provide the next set of acceptable figures.

If you want the right person in the right job, it can take a while.

It will certainly require a focused, professional approach.

An approach that takes fully into account all of the vagaries of matching a suitable individual with the myriad aspects the role entails.

This is the service that Bloomfield Associates' has to offer.





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  • "I went through David's company to change career. I was an event manager and wanted to enter the financial markets. David Bloomfield was very dedicated and helpful. I was extreme..."
    Mathilde De Mareuil
    Sales Executive, Thomson Reuters, Singapore
  • "I would like to thank David for introducing me to Tiv, my new sales manager. He found her for me a little over a week from when I hired his services, and sent her to me for an i..."
    Kye Etherton
    Managing Director, Sugarcube Productions Ltd



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